Money: How does it affect our happiness?

As the song goes, money makes the world go around… If you think about it, money does really make our world go around. It is tangible and an instrument used in acquiring our needs and wants. In ancient times, they used to exchange goods and services with out the use of money. They just exchange these goods and services with the same value of the things that they would want to buy or acquire. Over time, trading has improved and money was invented to be used for every transaction.

That’s money when you think about its functionality. But there is more to money than we conceived it to be. Money, in its right perspective, is a means of alleviating our lives so that we can have what we need to get by in our daily existence. It can be used in giving comfort to our limited life here on earth and spend it in a more productive and memorable ways with our family or loved ones. Or it can also be a channel of blessings to others as we reach out to those less fortunate. Hence, if this is one effect that money has in our life then we can be assured that we will have a more meaningful, happy disposition and a life with much purpose.

But money coupled with greed can be very destructive. Money is not evil in itself but greed is. Greed is nothing more than a desire of wanting so much of everything to the point of using the power of money in a bad way that causes injustices to another human being. It is a harmful quest. It is attached to every little desire to make oneself happy for a moment and many fall victims on this. It can only bring so much chaos in a relationship and to one’s well being.

Let me say this again, money is not evil in itself. I can’t emphasize it enough that it is a helpful tool in our life. Let’s face it money can bring wonderful things on us materially that we get to enjoy. Sadly, it becomes evil when it has fallen to an evil heart where greed resides.

As money makes the world go around, it also drives us nuts whether we have plenty or just enough. But, there are ways to make money work for our own happiness. And it will all depend on changing our heart and mindset. We should not let money dictate how we will live our lives. As I said, money is an instrument, a tool. If we see it this way then we will not fall to its manipulative scheme.

Here are 5 effective ways to make money work for our happiness.

  1. Right mindset — Perceive money as something that can be useful or an instrument of blessings to others. With this mindset, we can live a happier and fulfilling life knowing that the money you are blessed with are now blessing others as well.
  2. No to greed — We should not let greed ruin our happiness. Desiring so much of everything to make oneself happy is temporal. If we see ourselves desiring so much of one object and our mind is forcing us to act on greed then just stop for a moment and let go of whatever the object of your greed is and just walk away from it.
  3. Keep the faith — I know it’s hard to just walk away. It takes a lot of courage and faith to ourselves that we can do it. In times when we fall prey, it is a big help to ask God to strengthen us along the way as we fight greed.
  4. Find meaning in life — Find something that can bring happiness to someone else. Just little things like helping out an elderly in their chores, making little errands for a love ones or relative to ease some of their worries, helping little kids with their assignments or do volunteer work in church. Just find something that would benefit others. You may never know that out of these little things can spring forth meaning to your life thus eliminating whatever greed that sits in your heart.
  5. Set what is important — Having so much money or just enough or sometimes a lack of it is not what is important. The important thing is that you know how to handle the money that comes your way. It’s true that money is hard to get by but some get it through hard work. And when money is already in your hands, make it grow and most importantly put it in your pocket and not to your heart.

The bottom line of it all is that happiness can be found to those we share our love with. As the saying goes, you can give without loving but you cannot love without giving. It is safe to say then that money given together with love is one of the keys to a happy life.

“For God loves a cheerful giver “ 2 Corinthians 9:7

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