Hey everyone, it’s time to share with you our success story!

Our company got in a list of top ecommerce development companies, according to GoodFirms.

Here’s what they wrote about us.

JetRuby Agency gets recognition by GoodFirms for its E-commerce development services in Ukraine. The firm’s e-commerce solutions are well known with international clients as well.

About the Company

JetRuby Agency is an IT solution providing company that was founded in 2010. They have their presence in three countries with offices in Ukraine, Russia, and the USA. Their team comprises of more than 100 dedicated, skilled developers and designers. …

Recently, JetBrains announced a new feature, which is known as coroutines (Coroutines are experimental in Kotlin 1.1+). By the way, jetbrains is the place, where you can find the holy grail, aka, “intellij download.”

Coroutines allows simplifying asynchronous programming by putting the complications into libraries.

The inception of this idea appeared in far 1967 in the Simula programming language. At first, there were only several methods: detach and resume (consequently, they allowed stopping and running the performance).

Nevertheless, the idea was abandoned when threads appeared. On the one hand, running an async task in a separate thread makes sense. However…

What is Firebase Cloud Storage?

Firebase Cloud Storage is a modern technology that allows for storing and managing various media content generated by mobile app users.

One of its biggest advantages is reliability. Firebase SDK for Cloud Storage works regardless of the network quality. in other words, if a file stops uploading because of slow Internet connection, the process will be automatically restarted. For regular users, this feature saves minutes of waiting.

From a security viewpoint, Firebase Cloud Storage is doing great. Firebase SDK for Cloud Storage can be integrated with Firebase Authentication which provides a simple and user-friendly mechanism of authentication for developers. …

Nowadays, the progress doesn’t stand still and nearly every day new technologies are being developed, including the most sophisticated, such as machine learning. Most of the people take it for granted and don’t try to look behind the scenes to understand how these technologies work. However, this doesn’t relate to us.

Having read our article, you will find out what machine learning is and understand the way it changed our life. Specifically, we’ll tell you about an amazing technology , which uses machine learning: CoreML.

Almost every current application is based on machine learning. Our intelligent assistants are capable of…

Sit back, close your eyes and imagine a single programming language that would allow developing various products on various platforms.

“One programming language to rule them all.”

You won’t need to spend sleepless nights on studying new languages and frameworks. The development process has never been easier.

Unfortunately, this story is nothing more than a fantasy. In reality, we’re dealing with a plenty of technologies and spheres of influence. …

As promised, we’re back with the second part of the article about processing data from social media. You can find our previous article on the topic by this link:

In today’s post, we’re going to tell you how to organize your code in a way that adding a new social media wouldn’t cause any issues.

However, before we get to the business, let’s go through the main aspects that are worth mentioning. Since, believe us or not, you’ll certainly face them when processing data from a social media.

Access tokens

When authorizing, you’re provided with access tokens, which are used to make…

Hi everyone, please welcome the second part of our guide that will help you build a super iOS or Android app using Xamarin. As the proverb goes: “Less talking, more coding!” But before we start, make sure you read the first part.


Let’s get to the actual work. We’ll start the project from scratch and implement app layers step-by-step.

Project setup

Launch Visual Studio and create a new project:

You may have noticed the massive hype around different tools and frameworks for cross-platform mobile development. Such things like React Native, Ionic, Flutter might ring a bell to you (:sarcasm:).

None of this will be discussed in this article.

Instead, we’ll guide you through creating a cross-platform, natively-compiled mobile app using .Net Standard library to build modules with shared code. We’ll also utilize some of the best practices of mobile app architecture and code structure — Clean Architecture and Dependency Injection.

In short, this guide will get you started with developing fast and cool-looking mobile applications for both platforms using…

This article is devoted to a very effective test automation solution. It has great features and provides a friendly UI with the manual mode. If don’t want to spend tons of time and efforts on testing, here’s your solution!

Here are a few cases when you will need Katalon Studio:

  1. You want to automate some test cases, such as smoke testing going through all the options;
  2. You want to learn quickly to make simple testing scenarios;
  3. You want to determine the tested elements of the page;
  4. You need a support of parameterization;
  5. You need a support of popular control construct…

Hey, everyone! We can’t help telling you about new incredible tools in the magical world of software development. In our last article, we discussed a simple formula for saving both a good performance and user-friendly UX. Take a look at it and your mobile users will thank you for it.

This time, we’ll focus on a cloud-hosted database. Firebase Realtime Database allows syncing data across all the clients in real time. Additionally, all the data remains available even if your app goes offline. Firebase Realtime Database provides a set of SDK (such as Android, iOS, JavaScript). …

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