Virtual Reality or Real Virtuality: Part 2

Despite one of the most obvious applications of Virtual Reality — gaming, there are many other fields where VR is more useful than you’d think!

The Military — VR can be of much benefit in training soldiers for military action. This method has been used to treat post-traumatic stress disorders (Soldiers who suffer from battlefield trauma) and other psychological conditions. Due to the application of Virtual Reality they are able to understand how to deal with their symptoms and the events that caused them in a “safe” environment.

Healthcare — Undoubtedly this field of application is considered one of the most popular applications for VR. Using the technology, healthcare professionals have an opportunity to learn something new or to hone their skills in a safe environment. Much better to practice in VR than on you, cheaper and a more efficient use of resources than on cadavers! Many of us think that Virtual Reality in healthcare is connected only with surgery; however, it also can be used as a diagnostic tool (medical tests such as X-rays, scans, and blood tests). Robotic surgery is also a popular path for VR implementation. It allows performing surgery using robotic devices, reducing the chance of failure or complications. Doesn’t that sound good?!

Education — another area of Virtual Reality application is education. Using this technology students will easily be able to comprehend complex data. This learning method is both easy and fun to learn. For example, astronomic students will have the possibility to travel through the solar system, move planets, see around the stars and track the progress of a comet — in REAL LIFE! Sort of…

Crime scene reconstruction — due to VR you can visit any place in any time. It is perfect for crime scene reconstruction as it allows you to observe a crime scene in 360 degrees. A police officer has the possibility to analyze something that was missed earlier. It is especially useful if crime happened on a busy street or inside someone’s home.

Pros and Cons

However, despite the advantages this technology does have some pitfalls. Let’s compare them…


  • Sometimes Virtual Reality can seem better than Reality. In this world you are able to do whatever you want and become anyone.
  • Virtual Reality is a great opportunity to travel. Due to this technology you will be able to visit your favorite sights and landmarks without leaving your home.
  • Users have insane experience while using VR. It makes you think as if it is a real world with real locations, sound, and objects. It is a great opportunity for disabled people to forget, at least for a while, about their illnesses and just enjoy their life.


  • Users can become addicted to the Virtual Reality and confuse the real life for the virtual world.
  • Not everyone is able to afford this technology as despite the technological stack, you’ll also need a powerful computer.
  • VR users can get the feeling of worthlessness. The feeling as if they are escaping from the reality can become quite dangerous and sometimes even lead to suicidal thoughts.


Virtual Reality creates an illusion of the real world with the help of complex and expensive technologies. VR has many applications starting from the healthcare right through to the military. Technologies are constantly developing and VR is becoming cheaper and more widespread; undoubtedly this technology will have much more applications in the near future. Who knows, maybe VR will absolutely change our way of life….it could even, according to some, BECOME real life. To return to the title of last weeks article..Virtual reality, or Real Virtuality..?