Why lighting is important…(a one night stand?)

Katy fumbled with her keys one handed as she did not want to lose her grip on Lilli’s small, soft hand.

So smooth, Katy, you are just so, so smooth, she thought, as she finally shoved open the heavy door to her flat.

She flicked on the light switch and they both squinted a little. The dustbunnies on the floor swirled with their footsteps. Katy caught their movement as she was hit by a momentary bout of shyness and was checking out the scuff marks on her shoes. Lilli shifted her fingers a little, and Katy lifted her eyes to look at their hands. Lilli lifted her hand and fluttered across Katy’s fingers with her lips.

Katy led Lilli across the room and flicked on the stereo as she passed.

The couch was plump and comfortable, if a little too small to lay down on. They sat, side by side, their thighs touching. Katy’s leg was on fire, a side effect of Lilli’s proximity.

The moment their eyes met, they were drawn into each other. Their breath dancing in the ever shrinking space between their lips. The first kiss, an evolution of the need to exchange the steam from their lungs. They kissed with their eyes closed, their mouths gently open, tongues flirting lightly.

Katy opened her eyes and was irked by the brightness of her living room light. She liked to draw in this room and the light was important for that. She wished she had bought some lamps, to soften things a little.

“Wanna go to bed?”

Lilli said nothing, just nodded her head. Katy took her hand and led her through the door on the left.

For Katy, the first time was always a knife edge balance between self conscious anxiety and pure unadulterated hedonism.

She went in tentatively, nervously, softly. Her kisses were gentle, she moved slowly. She gently tugged at Lilli’s shirt, until Lilli raised her arms. Ah, no bra, one less step in the undressing process!

The negotiations were almost silent at first, neither was comfortable enough to break really loose. They relied on their instincts and experience, nerves tingling to pick up each subtle movement. They worked by feel as the tension built.

The bedroom was dark, but the streetlight threw shadows through the broken bedroom blinds. The air was cool but Katy was sweating. She was on top, with hands everywhere and nowhere.

They fell asleep together, arms and legs intertwined.

Katy woke to the sounds of birds and a stripe of morning sun across her face. The light was streaming into the room in thick beams, cut up by the blinds and amplified by reflections off the dust in the air. She felt as if she had sunken deep into the mattress, and moved her feet, enjoying the feel of fresh cotton sheets against her toes. Lilli stirred and ran her hand along Katy’s belly.

“I have dry mouth from hell,” Lilli mumbled with sleepy eyes.

“I can get you some water,” Katy smiled and brushed a lock of Lilli’s hair away from her eyes.

“It’s OK, I’ll get it,” Lilli smiled and rolled out of the bed. The flat wasn’t very big, and she knew where the kitchen was.

Katy laid back and watched Lilli glide across the room, naked and resplendent. The sharp beams of morning light highlighted the shadows of her abdominal muscles. She was the first girl Katy had seen with a legitimate, fitness model style six pack.

When Lilli reached the doorway, Katy let out a sigh.

Lilli paused, “are you OK?”

Katy pulled the blanket up to her chin, “yeah, all good, I’ll just, stay here.”

Moments later, Lilli was back with a tall glass of water, which she offered to Katy.

Katy propped herself up on her elbow, and pulled the covers back up when they slipped down.

Lilli giggled, “are you shy now? Surely you can’t be shy after last night.”

Katy blushed as Lilli sat completely naked and perfect next to her. She was lost for words and all of her bravado in the dim evening light had deserted her. She couldn’t stand the thought of Lilli gazing at her soft, white flesh in the light of day.

“Nothing, just, you are so, hot, and I well, I’ve let myself go a bit.”

Lilli put the glass on the bedside table and slipped underneath the covers, nuzzling in close.

“No, you are perfect, two buff girls, it’s muscle on muscle, it’s like two rocks grinding together. I can’t stand it”.

They kissed, closed their eyes, and managed to leave their body image issues behind for another hour before Lilli had to get ready for work.