An Agnostic’s opinion on God
Chris DeVore

The good?

Great piece Chris! I share many of your agnostic sentiments though I still have a question to offer you; given your healthy dose of Cartesian-ish skepticism, how do you navigate the realm of ethical decisions and values? I am curious how the “nothing exists” philosophy does not directly lead to a world where nothing can be justified and even the most intuitive of our shared moral commitments can be upheld. You alluded to a type of ethical and cultural relativism in your piece;

“…I love everyone; the Ghandis and the Stalins, I might disagree with them but I will not call them wrong”

which seems to me to create more problems than it solves. Though in the short term it may nullify our monkeyish prejudices, how are we to converge ethically without agreeing on some basic measure of ‘good’ such as utility or wellbeing?