The Issue With Lowering the Barrier

It is all to common, to look at a new game, a website a program and judge it simply based on the choice of tools by the author. I personally know I’m guilty of descriminating against these low barrier programs,when I see a game using Unity I often have that small worry in the backof my mind, the same thing occurs with Electron, Wordpress, and many other frameworks.

This attitude is worrying, it is a product of a lowered barrier to what used to be a difficult field. Wordpress, Unity, Electron, Ubuntu and awhole myriad of different programs have all collectively lowered the barrier to high level programming and computing. While this is mostly agood thing, it floods the environment with low level basic programs that are often buggy or just simply unuseable. The developersof these low quality programs are often not to be blamed, they were likely recommended these programs, and eager to share their work, which if you have ever learned a new tool or lagnuage I’m sure you’ve done yourself.

All of these programs, frameworks or operating systems have huge a potential to create fantastic things, but we often judge a book by its cover, programmingas a whole has created an elitist attitude. If you tell someone who writes Java, Rust or other lower level languages, that you like to use JavaScript to create your server side applications you would probably be laughed at, but this JavaScript and these other programs provide a way for someone who would not normally do this, to create something thatthey are proud of.

As a community we seem to have a deep divide, those with more experienceneed need to understand that these programs do have great potential, and that a lowered barrier of entry is in the long run beneficial to the industry as a whole. But those learning the field need to understand that these low barriers are built on a lot of work, and to progress in this industry you should be aware of how your tools function and the code and languages that are apart of them.