Key & Peele — Party Games

“Err, he pretends to be straight but he’s really gay.”

Key & Peele — Fraternity Branding

“Man, you straight up got a dick on your chest.”

Key & Peele — Pre-Game Pump-Up

*Dramatically draws a samurai sword from its sheath*

Key & Peele — Al Qaeda Meeting

“Does your toothpaste bomb come in travel sizes?”

Key & Peele — I Said Bitch

“I looked that woman in the eye and I said …“

Key & Peele — Strike Force Eagle 3: The Reckoning

Key & Peele — Alien Imposters

“Would you let me date your daughter?”

Key & Peele — Undercover Boss

Key & Peele — Dueling Hats

Key & Peele — Turbulence

“Is this against the law? Is this against the law?”

Key & Peele — Michael Jackson


Chen Zihui

Just a regular guy who likes writing code and collecting sneakers.

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