500 silly words

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A while back I wrote a couple of blog posts. The central theme in them was to provide other young job seekers with some advice on how to navigate the confusing world of startups. I enjoyed writing them, but they had one weakness: they took me a ton of time to write. They took time because I wanted the quality of my advice to make at least some sense. Because I don’t have a wealth of experience to draw upon in my writing, the quality needs to come from my structure and my thought. And that is where the problem emerged: the bar was too high for me to meet my goal of publishing a weekly blog (which supposedly is the most important factor in improving your writing).

The solution to this problem is to drastically lower the bar. For the next couple of months I will aim to write 500 silly words per week. I will try to make them interesting and relevant, I will do my best to structure them, but at the end of the day the only thing that matters is that I write them. That also opens the door for experimenting with different topics. I might write about a new book I’ve started reading. I might write a complete ranking of all burger restaurants in Friedrichshain, Berlin. I might write about my travels, or my hobbies, or my shower thoughts. I haven’t yet decided and I don’t have to, because the only thing that matters are my 500 silly words per week.

Having quantity as a goal also relieves me of caring about the number of people reading my blog. I expect this post to have a much lower read percentage than my other posts, and that’s fine. I don’t need to spend time finding a stock photo to add*, because I don’t need to increase visibility on social media, because I won’t have to post it there, because I don’t (for the time being) have visits and reads as a goal. And that is pleasantly liberating.

Quantity is no easy target by itself either. Another 150 words are required to meet this weeks quota. It’s warm, and I’m not in the mood for thinking any profound thoughts. So I will pour the rest of my words into describing, in bullets, why I love ice-cream (feel free to abandon this post if you bore with me so far, I really don’t know what would make my opinion about ice-cream relevant to anyone but myself, or ice-cream vendors).

Ice cream is great because:

  • it has a lot of flavour, because there’s tiny bubbles of air in the cream that increase the surface area of the food on your tongue.
  • it is cold, which feels nice, especially when it’s warm.
  • it’s the perfect amount of food for a treat: not too much to make you unpleasantly full, not too little to be sad it’s gone.
  • it is a great food for adding toppings (and toppings make life better), because the toppings stick to ice cream and can me mixed into the cream.

Here they are, 540 silly words with an explanation of what makes ice cream great. Stay tuned for more!

*yes I added a stock photo of ice-cream to this message, I couldn’t resist the sweet temptation

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