Explosive Bombs Mod for Minecraft

As you know, a lot of Minecraft players like to blow everything up. If someone picks up a little and finds other activities, then in addition to them there are also the most desperate blasters who are literally obsessed with explosions.

This mod was developed just for the last category of players. The modification of “Explosive Bombs” will allow you to experiment with C4. It’s about modern explosives, which is incredibly dangerous. In a word, if you decide to mine something, then it will rupture as it should. Be careful that you do not catch a blast wave.

You can also craft in juegos de Minecraft yourself a timer (you need an explosive, a watch and iron bars) for a delayed explosion. In this case, it will not explode immediately, but exactly one minute after the object has been mined. During this time, you better get out as far as possible, otherwise you risk yourself ditch yourself. C4 will lift to the air everything that is next to the bomb in a radius of 10–15 blocks.