Games, Games, Games… For Playing Online

Not too far are those moments when several popular game sources were the most popular giants, such as Friv in the online games market. Then it was hard enough to think that someday in the big game arena there will be new demanded sources. With the advent of the game on android this long-awaited time still came. Oh, we are simple users, we do not even know how bad things are at the moment for such gaming giants as Nintendo and Sony. The whole point is price.

Traditional games are games that exist only on licensed drives, cartridges or UMD. Not every simple schoolboy or even a student will be able to pay out a large amount of money for this product from his wallet, while others may simply be reluctant to go to a specialized store and buy the necessary game, and the third by and large does not want to wait long until the virtual stores deliver the drive directly to the apartment door. In its own order, iOS, Android, HTML5 such as Kizi offer its users a special digital download of exciting games.

The data of the application is very small, and some even can even be downloaded completely free of charge, but they can be used with a paid application, updates, as well as some surplus game bonuses. The specialists of the game sphere from Friv2 published a recent study, which tells how the most famous companies shared the game market for the last three years. From this report, it becomes clear that in just a few years, iOS and Android have significantly expanded their market.