These fun games about SpongeBob

Well, who does not know the brave and ridiculous hero of numerous cartoons about the inhabitants of the underwater world SpongeBob, nicknamed Square Pants. This restless character can not sit still for a minute, especially when someone urgently needs his help. Here and in the funny Lost Recipe browser game at our brave hero goes in search of the missing recipe along with his friend and the constant companion Patrick. They will be traveling on a unique burger, already known to us from the game Bob Race, and help to cope with the management of the player.

To do this is not very difficult — the arrow “up” on the keyboard will direct the car of the heroes straight ahead, but on the way there will always be a variety of obstacles that threaten travelers with a loss of balance and even coups. However, such trifles are not terrible to our heroes, because the burger transport is easy to return to the starting position by using the left or right arrows on the keyboard, and the journey can continue. On the way there will be a lot of bottles with different letters — you need to try to collect them all, because even if they are not among them, they can be useful to someone else.

Level-by-level the trip is becoming more difficult: the mountains are steeper, and the abyss are getting deeper. Get out of some of the failures is very difficult, but you need to hurry — the time for each trip is limited.

Help your friends find the right letter and deliver it on purpose on time, and they will never forget you!