My reason for writing it has nothing to do with the Bernie Sanders supporters now.
Sasha Stone

The perfect storm of this recent election cycle has many sources, but Bernie and his supporters were just symptom. If you want to take someone to task, take the DNC, and yes HRC’s insulated and deeply delusional campaign, are great targets, too. So is the white liberal assertion that everything is so much better despite black people being murdered daily in the streets, open hatred of muslims snd hispanics, and the list goes on and on and on. Basically, if you want to pick a fight, look in the mirror and ask yourself what you’ve really done. Ask yourself if you’re part of the problem. Honestly. Because you know what? I did. And I am. I got in line. I voted for HRC and crossed my fingers and everything went to hell. But Bernie didn’t do this. Certainly you’re not suggesting a two party system where there can be no dissenting opinions? Because that would just be tyranny lite. But now we have the full meal deal and nothing is getting fixed unless people get honest. The DNC blew it. HRC blew it. The media blew it. WE BLEW IT. We got lazy. We believed our own delusion. We wanted it to be easy. It ain’t and it won’t be and we have a tough road ahead that has no room for grousing, only room for those ready to fight.