Welcome To The Terrordome

“If you truly want to stop the violence… you find someone who’s violent, you pick up a baseball bat, and you beat his ass. Now, obviously then the violence will stop!” #KRSONE

America at its best.

Hate crimes against women, muslims, jews, blacks, hispanics, and anyone who dares disagree are at epidemic levels. Politics aren’t specifically our bag but we do absolutely encourage people to protect themselves by any means necessary. Ad-Rock of the Beastie Boys echoed his beloved friend Adam Yauch’s message of peace and activism today at the rally at Yauch’s recently nazi vandalized memorial park. He strongly encouraged artists of all these ilks to express their sadness and anger. He encouraged people to support groups with positive messages. We love this message and believe in everyone’s right to respond however they see fit..

But… BUT….

PLEASE. . . Please believe. These Jews will not go quietly. We will not go without a fight. We will not go at all. We will use any and all means at our disposal to fight fascists and nazis and white supremacists and ANYONE who threatens anyone simply for not being white. Fuck Donald Trump and his whole family and every single person who supports him. We don’t want to change your mind. Why bother? You’ll never change. We want this fight. We need this fight. The KKK never went away. They lay in wait.

Fuck the KKK. Fuck these nazi punks and their fascist friends.

Donations to charity are not going to stem this tide. Think pieces and op-eds are not going to arrest this disease. We must attack from every angle. We must never let them rest. We must make their every moment misery. We’ve seen too many good people die. We’ve seen too many suffer needlessly. We’ve seen peaceful protest met with murder.


Not again.

Jews coined the phrase #neveragain

Now is the time to put up or shut up.

When any minority is threatened by the majority for the crime of existing, all of us are morally required to fight that oppression.

So if you see someone being harassed, hurt, threatened, or treated harshly by one of these cowards, get video of them, call the police, call someone with a baseball bat, but do something. Standing by idly will not save us. Even posts like this will not save us.

We must act. Like our lives depend on it.

Because they do.

The majority of us did not vote for this vile, pathetic, opportunistic worm. Do not bow to him or his minions. Do not tolerate their hate or their violence or their scare tactics. Besides…They’re the ones that said we the people need the means to protect ourselves from tyranny. Finally we agree.

I’m not saying that violence is the answer.

I’m saying I no longer care about the answer.

Dialogue? With whom? About what? You want to argue our right to exist? You want to argue with lunatics that don’t give good goddamn about our lives??

No. No. No. Fuck no. No.

Fuck Donald Dumpf. You fake named fuck. Fuck your family tree. Fuck everyone who doesn’t loathe you. Fuck every fascist everywhere in all of history, but right now, fuck you most of all, Donnie.