I love marketing software more than marketing

This holiday season a took a two week vacation (first real vacation in almost 4 years!) to get some rest, but more importantly, to understand what I want to do in 2015. I believe it will be a crazy busy year at Bondora, but yet, I feel I could do more.

I went through the things that I enjoyed doing during my professional career and realized that I really really like learning and writing about marketing software.

I remembered how excited I was about learning all the tools used by Havas Digital (the digital agency, where I started my marketing career). I’d later share my learning with our clients and put slides about cool technologies in our pitches.

I remembered how exciting it was to learn the technology ecosystem of social media while working on Campalyst (the social media analytics start-up that I spend 3 years building). My passion for learning marketing tools translated into a number of posts for Campalyst blog.

And I realized that one of the most exciting things about working at Bondora is the ability to try out and apply some of the coolest marketing technologies available on the market, which I am trying to document in this blog.

The ability to learn, test and write about different tools that support marketers was and still is a huge perk to all my latest jobs…and I want more of it!

Thus, I decided that in 2015 I will spend more time writing about the marketing tools that I know a few things about. I am thinking to write more about the tools that I really like such Google Analytics, Google Analytics Reporting API, Google Tag Manager, Google Apps Script and Optimizely.

I addition, I am planning to get back to writing about social media tools, such as Facebook Insights and Ads, Twitter Ads and Analytics, as well as YouTube Analytics, which I used to do on Campalyst Blog.

And as a milestone for this promise to self, I picked the first piece:

I will put together a comprehensive guide on Google Tag Manager, starting from the high level use cases and benefits and going into in-depth explanations on defining tag firing rules.

Yeap, here I am, making a public promise, so there is no way back and I have to get this guide out. Stay tuned on how it goes and have an amazing 2015!

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