How Can We Achieve Age Diversity in Silicon Valley?
Steven Levy

When tech is commonly defined as “software”, and “technologists” defined as “coders”, then, yes, youth reigns. But when the definition is extended to include science-based hardware companies (incredibly, a rarity), then the 40+ crowd is very much alive and well in local companies. Age matters here. Consider the technologies that put Silicon Valley on the map: semiconductors, semiconductor process equipment, displays, energy technologies, and more. Invented by companies like Intel, Applied Materials, and plenty of scrappy start-ups. Companies that depend on experienced “older” physicists, chemists, and mechanical/electrical engineers to deliver a steady stream of science breakthroughs. A good thing too. Because the essential hardware technologies on which 20-something coders depend, is made possible by people with extraordinary expertise in hard sciences, usually acquired over decades.



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