Resident Evil: The Final Chapter — WORST FILM OF 2017?

That awkward moment when only few people show up at the Tallinn’s premiere of the film which has six Oscar nominations, but there is a full house at the premiere of sixth installment of mediocre action horror movie. And then we all wonder why so little great films are made nowadays, well, why bother to try to make something outstanding when average viewer comes to cinema for another episode of Resident Evil or Underworld? But who am I to judge these people or to reproach them in poor taste, while I myself go to the same movies, and in most cases I am able to enjoy viewing these films. To my great regret I didn’t succeed to have fun while watching Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. Screenplay is just horrible and whole movie is poorly made and 3D glasses didn’t allow me to have proper facepalm. Not only that the sixth film is the most unfortunate, it is not the most sad thing about this movie. Rotten cherry on the cake of screenwriter’s madness is that the sixth film makes viewers to rethink what happened in previous episodes of the series and makes it clear that lions share of what we’ve seen before, it wasn’t that we thought and that actually negates all previous Resident Evil films. I sincerely hope that Resident Evil: The Final Chapter will fail at the box office and we will not see another trilogy anytime soon. At this point in the sixth film, we have a disgusting script, vague plot that has more unanswered questions than a new story, not catchy soundtrack, low-quality special effects, a few references to the first installment of the film, some of which, as I mentioned earlier, show original movie in a negative light. I will not recommend Resident Evil: The Final Chapter to anyone, as it will upset even the most loyal fans.