Learning experience

This is the second day at andela bootcamp,and the learning experience is both challenging and exciting. The challenge come in whereby the tasks are supposed to be delivered before the stipulated time elapses,this is quite a challenge for you are forced to not only write proper solutions,but also for you to beat the deadline for it is as important as the solution itself

The exciting part is where we are given witty challenges to solve and the process of finding solutions to this is quite interesting..this is because one is forced stretch there imagination and creativity to solve the challenges.

For instance writing unit test were quite a new concept to me so i had to ask one of my colleagues to help me out. He did help me out and added on some reading which came in handy and helped me better understand the concept.

I also had to learn how to use github,a feature which is quite good and i believe it will be of much help in my career

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