There was once a boy
named LittleTown
who filled restaurants
with smiles & news
from all matters
of chimney peaks.
All across the globe
princes & thieves
traveled far from wide
to sample his fair,
most straightening of wares.

"What doctrines
do you gather 
from which I have
never garnered before?"
asked the White Cloaked
"I have no mantras,
only salutes;
I hand over ownership
to any & all passerby."
Replied the boy.

"Why have you never
been one to plant
the most remarkable of gardens?"
asked a Guilded Falconeer.
"My wit is too bashful, 
for once it runs free
my brain is always bound to change."

And change it would!
For every question he received
there was an answer
three times as nerve wracking
and most always
twice as unkempt
as it's predeccesor,
dooming him to progress.

"You must have blades
for all the card sharks
you hide up your sleave."
the Grey Bearded King.
"I don't pretend,
I merely ask why."
Uttered the boy.

"Do you escape in tiny triangles
or glisten in wide cubes
most capable of enveloping?"
the most Beautiful Princess,
eldest daughter
of the Grey Bearded King.

"I don't know why
- how is it one relates? -
but I've began to think of you
as a little conqueror."
Replied the boy.
And no one
has heard of him since.

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