Steeples & Seating

“Speak, young sparrow, speak."

He was calling all shepherds 
to the table.
"Please, now
bring your mobile devices
to a sudden halt,
the theatre has blossomed
into a chamomile popsicle & 
a wonderful regret."

How the counter tops 
have all earned concussions
now that the pelican
has plummeted from it's birdbath
into the stone tablets
God had set before you.

"Triple back flips
and you're a show off."
She says.
"Wingtips for your followers
and an Intagram account for Jesus?
You're a talent, I say!
I'm left so eagerly toppled
I'm exhaustingly topless."

"What new circulations
have you founded 
in the library of ethics today?"
Nothing much, sprays
the noble elephant, I'm merely a man
walking home
after a long summers break,
swinging his briefcase up into the moon;
my every intention, that of attracting 
all those who dare be daunted
by the idea of peering too high.