The Art of Unveiling

There is little more sense to find
than that which comes 
from uncovering a pile of poetry.

Imagine this
the Aurora Borealis
or a flowing stream
caught up in the craft 
of your photographs, a
slow motion cinema
never alive
as is an undressing pastime
before the eye.

How will you find peace
in these maturing moments?
How lately the meaning
of significant nothingness
comes into being
affecting you, all alarmingly.

This is the blanket of poetry,
concrete or as stubborn as you wish;
flapping, charismatic & shoveling,
tossing the worms in your alleyways
while illuminating all incredible crevices.

Did you find the words 
to explain to yourself
how you've been feeling today?
"I can't, or I'll fail,
so I'll keep searching,
if not for all
than for merely the two of us."

Gee Golly, I love you!
A love so meant to be
is a love like poetry.

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