Wits in the Willow

There was once a lake full of praire mice on the other side of this prairie. Counterfit dollar bills rained from their rich countertops all afternoon,"the Ranch went about on into rainbow marionettes," she murmured, "elaborate moistures, they say: those who have been made most nervous by the fulcrum laid to rest along the corona of their most Idle Sun."

Jealousy & Naysayers contructed the telephone there: a vice grip in her taut wheels balanced along their most lubricated coasts. Evidence: a comb over catacomb tucked under her sleeves just then; Weeping Whimsy, how come you've come so far? "I come often!" preached the Menagerie known now as a Toad. "A chat, so rapid, we evolve along volumes in Miller to O'Hara hiked lapse of the mouth."

Where is the Nautical Seamstress? Has she been lost to the lighthouses reach? This sea-set is out of hand! "She is weightless." we read; a triple threat host of the freshest baked loaves in droves. "Darn you, my King of Values! Exact as you, my near Sir!" but than she weaves & whistles about circumstance & drapes all night, despressed by the weight of her mortgage agreement.

"The contact manager will be in tonight!" Or else, as you've come to know the nemesis: The contact manager will be in tonight, and it's you.

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