Ruby Vocabulary Precision

I am at a turning point in my journey of mastery with the ruby programming language. I began my second assessment with Launch School and nearly surprised myself at the way I answered questions with precision and accuracy.

My level of understanding is at such a high level of clarity it nearly brings me to tears after everything I have been through. I truly love coding in the ruby programming language. I have two more tests to pass and I will be on to a new course topic. To me that will be validation to be able to say that I am proficient in the ruby programming language. How sweet it is!

I now know ruby well enough to write my own custom methods. Here is a custom ‘each’ method.

def each(collection)

counter = 0

while counter < collection.size


counter += 1




If I had more time I would go line by line breaking this code down with the precise vocabulary. It feels good to be able to do so. Studying and learning has never been more fun and exhilarating.

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