Nobody Clicked On That Link You Shared

An independent research study has confirmed that the link you posted earlier on Facebook went completely unnoticed.

Though the title was catchy, it wasn’t enough to grab the attention of passersby as they scrolled through their news feeds, pausing to gawk at 10 second clips of animals behaving silly. Your link was simply not interesting enough to anybody in your friends list, despite how important and/or interesting it was to you at the time.

Your good friend Michael, who “liked” the link, was reached for questioning during the research study. “I didn’t actually click on it,” Michael stated in an interview, “I just felt bad that nobody else had liked or commented on it yet. It was a pity-like, honestly.”

A few of your friends gave similar responses when asked how they felt about your link. “I just wasn’t convinced,” said your friend Rachel, your former high school classmate. “It said that I would be left speechless, and I really can’t trust any link that makes a claim as bold as that.”

Justin, an acquaintance of yours whom you met once at a party, had the following to say: “That link? Oh yeah, I remember seeing it. But then right underneath it was a clip of Kevin Hart, and I love Kevin Hart so I had to click on that. He was so funny in…” [quote truncated]

The research study concluded with an analysis of the different reasons candidates provided for not clicking on your link:

10% — Didn’t Have Any Puppies or Singing Goats In It
15% — Don’t Value Your Posts Because They are Always on the Same Subject
35% — Can’t Actually Read
25% — Was of No Particular Interest To Anybody
15% — Too Busy Looking at Pictures of Sunsets

For more information on this study, click this link. It will shock you, blow your mind, restore your faith in humanity, and give your computer a virus.