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Jewel Damzel

Jewel Damzel is divided into many different collections, the main focus of the brand is to break the WOW factor that augmented reality technologies faces and make the experience a “once you try you want to buy”. Interactive is the keyword that differentiates Jewel Damzel from all the brands in the world. You will find 3D games made for adults, music collections, drinking games, sex games, puzzle games, combined with amazing animations and art and all these using good quality garments that look and feel awesome. There are many options for the user to choose.

In this article, we’ll go through all the collections that Jewel Damzel offer during the Kickstarter campaign. Don't forget to download our free Demo app on PlayStore and AppStore to try them on.

‘’Jewel Damzel’’

Damzel Games: Act and dare chance games projected in AR. Press the button that will pop out from the art within the wear and receive or give drinks, body shots, and sex game dare actions that will challenge your courage.

Damzel Games is all about action and fun. Do you Dare?

Magic Zeeds: Its Musical clothing collection, aiming to collaborate with music artists, each shirt will bring music playlists for every theme or musician that creates a collection. Specifically designed for music artists. Each of the “Magic Zeeds” garment comes with a music groove within, collect them all to and start wearing music on you. Tune-in to the Groove !

Sacred Geometry: A pure artsy collection, built for the enlightened ones. Puzzle games that will show mind-blowing animations when solved. Namaste!

3D Flirt: The premium collection, Fruit Slice kinda game. This collection let people blow away funny objects, fruits, and items placed on interesting parts of your body. Turn your body into a funny arena, Reach the worldwide kinky leaderboards. Explore the fun!

Jewel Damzel offers the price of up to 20% discount when buying during the Kickstarter campaign.

Jewel Damzel Interactive Wear live on Kickstarter. There are opportunities to join our VIP Family of key partners, clothing companies, stores, music artists, graphic designers, fashion designers, and even other brands are welcome to be part.

Don't miss out opportunity.

Go to our Kickstarter page and become part of this interactive revolution.

Jewel Damzel

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The first Aumgmented Reality Clothing Brand.

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