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Jewel Damzel
Oct 6, 2018 · 2 min read

You may have heard about t-shirts and augmented reality together. But we are pretty sure you never had heard about AR and fashionable t-shirts that combined make the most amazing and funny interaction between the user and the viewer. As we all know augmented reality is not new, it started in 2008 but the devices were not ready to support the 3d worlds and objects that the programmers where putting within the augmentation. Right now we are in the starting point of the AR technology, devices come with AR capabilities and 2 cameras to improve the tracking.

One of the most important attributes of Jewel Damzel Wear is the quality of the T-shirts, Jewel Damzel only works with the best clothing companies. Well established companies are meant to be the partners of the brand.

Taking in consideration that the most important part of the AR capabilities come from the quality of the printing, Jewel Damzel has been very careful in the selection of the ink which that is used to create these amazing designs. Combining the quality of the specific algorithms contained in the app and the criteria used to produce the shirts, we can state that is really delightful to experience Jewel Damzel Interactive Wear. The quality makes the brand a unique fashion company and the pioneers of interactive technologies applied to garments.

Jewel Damzel Project on Kickstarter. There are opportunities for everyone, music artists, stores, printing companies, and resellers can become official dealers, collection designers, and more.

Check the project preview in the following link.

Don’t miss out the opportunity to become an official partner producer, only one company will be selected in every state.

Go to our Kickstarter page and become part of this interactive revolution.

Jewel Damzel

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The first Aumgmented Reality Clothing Brand.

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