Body piercing for use of Jewelry

Today more and more body piercing is done for design and placements. There are a number of piercing styles that are used on the face, chest, belly, back and other parts of the body. Today piercing and adding of jewelry in different parts of the body has become a trend. All the piercings that are done have to be taken care of so that there is no harm.

Facial piercings include several categories and are done on the eyebrows, nose and lips. Depending on the whims and fancies of the person the piercing on the eyebrows is done horizontally or vertically. Most often the piercing is done at the outer corner of the eye on the upper cheek bone. Bridge piercing of yesteryears has returned. It is done with a barbell and goes through the bridge of the nose and is gaining in popularity. There are other piercings that are done on the nose for the hoop or the stud which are on the septum.

Piercings need care and have to be regularly cleaned with pure glycerin soap and non-idolized sea salt. The piercing has to be soaked in a solution of salt and the glycerin soap removes the entire residue that gets accumulated around the jewelry. The piercing should not be touched for two to three days till it heals.

Cheap Body Piercing Tools

There is a wide range of body piercing tools that are available online. There is a permanent body piercing pen and wholesale body piercing needle. Earlier the focus of body jewelry was the chin, nose, mouth, cheeks and tongue beside the ears. Piercing is done with any sort of jewelry which can be pierced.

Today piercing is all about the aesthetics, desire for individuality and beautification while earlier it was rituals that were the cause of piercings. Today piercings are easily done by a professional piercer. Very often a lot of ear lobe piercings are done to accommodate tunnels or plugs.

The Beauty of Leather Bracelets

There are plenty of leather bracelets that have come in the market. The boho leather bracelet is a beautiful piece which is crafted by hand and costs around $35. This bracelet is given to men, and women. The gemstone used in this bracelet is turquoise and the width of the bracelet is 1.5”. It is made to order and shipped around the world from United States.

The leather bangle is made with high quality leather. It is available in earthy brown, honey, natural, midnight and rustic brown color with a satin finish.

Enhance your looks with Nose Rings

Nose rings and other body jewelry is available online in varying shapes and sizes. There is a wide range of nose piercing options to be stylish. There are bars, hoops, studs and even clip-ons. If you do not like to go for piercing you can always use the clip-ons and look stylish.

You can have the traditional gold plated nose ring with chain which would look grand for a gala occasion or a wedding party. When storing, it is better to store it in a zip lock pouch to prevent any contact with water.

If you like to have piercings for ear studs or nose ring go to a professional piercer.

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