Tips that can Make Moving Easier and Smoother

Anyone who is preparing to move to a new home can use some few moving tips. If you have ever moved your family to a new home, you are probably aware of the ups and downs of moving. There are several ways to make moving easier and smoother. The following are a few tips that will go a long way into helping you make moving more organized and exciting.

List your belongings

You should write everything down. Before you start packing, find a way to keep a record of your things. You can either print a list of numbers or get a notebook for the work. You will just need to put a number on each box you pack and write down the contents on your list. It is not advisable to put your notebook down unless you place it in a designated place named packing central. Packing central is the place you will place your notebook, pens, and labels among other things that are related to your record-keeping system. Additionally, when writing down the contents, avoid being generic and specify what exactly is in the box.

Have plenty of packing boxes and cartons

Definitely, you will need a lot of packing boxes. You should purchase many boxes which you can return for a refund if unused. Last minute packing can be hectic and therefore, be prepared by setting aside about 10 boxes for packing bedding, cleaning supplies as well as clothing. Moreover, a strong packing tape will be very helpful in sealing the boxes. Look for unprinted newsprint, bubble wrap and the like to wrap household goods with.

You can also use wardrobe boxes

Wardrobe boxes can be used to pack bulky and lightweight items such as pillows and comforters. Estimate the number of wardrobes you need and get some. They can also be used to pack shoe boxes, closet storage boxes among many other bulky items.

Organize for your wardrobe boxes delivery early

Organize for early delivery of the boxes and start packing things as early as possible. Start a few days before moving and fill handled shopping bags with bulky closet items to the boxes. You should utilize each wardrobe box well.

Color coordinate

Choose a different color for each room of your new home and stick each color to each door. Moreover, stick a color at each box corresponding to the color of the room each box belongs to. This will make it easier for movers to know where to put everything.

Keep like things together

Simply put, keep like things together. Bookends should be kept with books, light bulbs with lamps and so on.

Start packing early

The earlier you start packing, the easier things will be in the moving day. Whatever you can pack early, go ahead and pack it.

Set aside some cleaning supplies

If you have to clean the house before you leave, put aside a kit of basic cleaning supplies and if possible, start cleaning early. On the moving day, you can clean or rather vacuum each room while they are emptied.

Use your luggage to pack some items

Pack some of your clothing, towels among other things in your luggage and duffle bags. While some boxes might remain elusive, you might spot your luggage with your favorite sweaters.

Safeguard important papers

Don’t leave valuable papers such as certificates and school records with your mover. You should have them and safeguard them

Personal boxes

Each family member should have a designated box to pack their items in. The things that should be packed in the boxes include the things they will need right away after moving to the new house.

While moving might not be a walk in the park, starting packing early will make it bearable.