Advertising majors at San Diego State are a special breed. Here are the top six problems only advertising majors will understand:

1. Bosses who don’t know what Twitter is

“Listen, I don’t really know why we hired you. If you’re just going to be playing around on Facebook all day, can you go grab me a Starbucks?”

2. Taking a million journalism classes before we get to the good stuff

I get it. Before we can morph into Don Draper, we need to know how to write. We must prove our worthiness. Only then can the gates of Madison Avenue open up and we get to take classes that actually relate to advertising. Speaking of…

3. Mad Men is ending

I’m still in denial. When my brilliant ideas were mercilessly shot down in JMS 562, I channeled Peggy and carried on with dignity.

How I looked when I was a freshman.

4. Scrutinizing every ad we see

A short poem:
O, to live in a world
Full of terrible ads
Sometimes it’s funny
Mostly it’s sad

5. We know what a Consumer Funnel is

I wish it was a consumer funnel cake. Powdered sugar awareness.

And we know that Facebook is a dying a slow painful death.
And that exclamation points should never be used in copy.
And that mobile is the final frontier (until 3D immersion technology goes mainstream).

We know a lot of… important things.

6. We have a ton of marketable skills

Finally, the biggest burden of them all. Advertising majors have a million skills that can take us just about anywhere.

And if we don’t have the skills requested on the job listing, we’ll just make a life-changing, tear-inducing pitch for why we belong at your company.

It’s so hard being an advertising major and having so many prospects in life. How will we ever manage to get over these hurdles?

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