Facebook RPM Program: From Prep to Offer

I’ve been getting a lot questions about my experience with the Facebook Rotational Product Management (RPM) interview process and was encouraged to write this blog in hopes of paying it forward. I wouldn’t have gotten my offer without the help of other aspiring and current PMs. Though this prep is Facebook specific, I hope this will be useful to you wherever you decide to go as an aspiring or transitioning PM.

Facebook Interview Process

The FB interview process, which I understand to be similar regardless of whether you are applying as a PM or RPM, is:

  • Second Round (Video Call): Product Sense (45 minutes), Execution (45 minutes)
  • Final Round (Onsite): Product Sense (45 minutes), Execution (45 minutes), Leadership and Drive (45 minutes)

The Prep

Obviously, there is a lot that goes into prepping for your PM interview and there are many resources available online. For the sake of scope, here is my must-have recommended list, especially if you are short on time:

The Heart of the Interview

At the end of the day, as cheesy as it sounds, the interview comes down to who you are. If thousands of people equally prepared and are qualified for the role, it would come down to your motivation, drive, and passion. How did you end up in your previous roles and what made you choose them? What is important to you long-term? What was the common denominator among all the seemingly disparate experiences that you’ve had? Have you processed your failures and owned them as a learning experience? What would you have done differently, if you could do it again?