How to Take Care of Diamond Jewellery

Diamond jewellery is the dream of every woman as this is the most beautiful natural material with amazing, lustrous, healing properties that attracts every woman. Well it is hardest material, but when it sets in the form of jewellery such as necklace, ring, pendants, bracelets, it can be vulnerable to spoiling, cracking or breakage. If you have precious diamond jewellery then you should be careful when cleaning or wearing it. Sometimes harsh cleaning can damage the jewellery and diamond. Here in this guide, we have mentioned some tips on taking care or cleaning Jewellery in your day to day life.

Remove Diamond Jewellery while performing heavy tasks

Sometimes your daily activities can be the main cause of damaging of your jewellery. These heavy duty tasks include gardening, heavy lifting work, kitchen chores, cooking, house cleaning and many more. You should take off your jewellery while performing these tasks as it prevents mishaps like physical damage. Home cleaning chemicals can also damage it.

Take off diamond jewellery while applying make up

Your cosmetic kit contains perfumes, lotion, scent, cosmetics, hairspray that contains harmful chemicals that can damage your diamond jewellery when come in contact with it. You should put on your diamond jewellery only after applying the makeup.

Diamond Earring

Put it off before you take shower

Again this is all about the preventing your diamond from getting dull in appearance. Soap can form a layer on the diamonds and it reduces its shine and makes it dull. This is also applicable when you swim as chlorinated water can harm it.

Handle Careful while cleaning jewellery at home

Whenever you clean your jewellery, don’t touch the diamonds with fingers. Try to handle your jewellery by edge. You should use the hot soapy water and soft brush to clean your jewellery. Soak the diamond jewellery in hot soapy water (heat loosen up oily dirt or oil on diamond) and you can also use diluted ammonia to clean it. Let it soak for few minutes and scrub with soft brush. Use fine mesh strained to rinse diamond jewellery. Use soft cloth to dry it in order to avoid scratching on diamonds.

Diamond Pendant Set

Take the help of professional jewellers

Diamond need to be checked by jeweller once a year as he will examine it through mountings and prongs.

Store diamond jewellery with great care

You should store diamond jewellery in box with cotton pads and fabric lining. You should keep it apart from other gold, silver and platinum jewellery in order to avoid starching or damaging from any other jewellery piece.

Nowadays, there are any online websites that sell great diamond jewelleries that you would love to posses. When buying diamond jewellery online India, make sure you rely on the right dealer and also get the best product that is worth your money.