Body vs Mind

They told me to take pills for happiness
They told me it would work
They told me not to miss one out
They told me it would hurt

They told me life means no pause
They told me "go with the flow"
I told them "but with the flow
Drown and under we go"

They told me you must learn to swim
They told me I'll survive
They told me then I'll need no shrink
No pill-schedule to abide by

They told me “you can’t catch your breath
Up and up you run
If you stop to catch your breath
Then we’re sorry, you’re done.”

Then one day one of my mates
Got her ankle twisted and it ached
The doctor gave her pills and gels
Advised her "at home you must stay"

She got a break from college
She got a break from life
When all that hurt was an ankle
Inside she was well and alive

Here I lie on my bed struggling
(While with medicine books I'm juggling)
To face the world another day
To try and keep my sadness at bay

Here I lie on my bed forced denying
That the chemicals in my brain are upset
As I convince myself post-crying
Motivation and energy to live I must get

From thin air?
From dyeing my hair?
The former is not possible
The latter not allowed.

Oh when will you all understand
That ankle-twists do not hurt
Half as much and long as much
As not wanting to live does?

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