Eyes can lie
When you train them to.
You're an expert at so much else
I don't think this would be new.
Depths of the Arabian sea
Flash in seconds two.
And waves from your shore thrust against
My whole existence,
Crushing a castle of rocks in my core
That I had built as my wary abode.
And shower over my ammunition,
Construct bridges for communication.
Your softest gaze melts me the most
Whispers to me of secrets waiting to be told
And lights reflecting off your gaze
Unwillingly give away
Some of all things you will never say
And those are the lights at the end
Of the tunnel I walk in.
They keep me going.

Depths of the giant Arabian
What do I know lies at the bottom? 
In their bold, intriguing darkness? 
Is it time to unleash from this harness?
That years of breaking got me used to
Yet I don't want to break any rules.
What a good girl I am.
Pat me on the head, peck me on the cheek
Turn around and go. It's that easy to leave me.

Right and wrong. 
Possible and not. 
Words or work. 
Who knows if it's worth? 
Taking the risk
Giving the time
Thinking hard
About the price.

But those eyes. 
Oh those dark brown eyes
Coupled with that subtle smile
When you stretched only a muscle
To a side
That dagger dipped in dreaded love
Slayed me. 
Cut me at the throat
Now I'm a living ghost
Following your tides wherever they
Take me.

But sometimes they are quiet
The shore is calm and serene 
The Arabian is glassy
It reflects only the scene
At a sunset at it lowest hours
And the Earth that lies beneath
Lifts up to a shallow spread
Uninviting, evading, saying "enough said!"
Keeping visitors at bay 
With tsunamis that wait
For one to step in and wade
For a long, patient moment.
And those that haven't loved it true
Will never step in again.

Glow red and blue together
That stealthy pair of eyes.
Change with blinks of your heavy lashes
In failed attempts to hide
Racing thoughts 
That you forgot
With things that matter more
Than the timid existence of a ghost.

And wait, how can I be sure
If it is really your eyes?
Or my mind that lies? 
Perhaps you aren't to blame 
Of course it's a silly game
Of outlook
Of self affirmation
And superficial satisfaction
Material happiness
In little lies
A tricky brain
Snickering behind
Its masochistic ways
And chaotic plays 
What a twisted mind
That falls behind
All possible logic and equations
Believe me, I've stayed up nights in derivations
Without success.
I guess it's only best
To leave things the way they are
The beauty of it all 
Is wrapped in curiousity 
In the infinite list of questions.
And in the weak cracks in your gaze
That will always give away
Some of all things you will never say.