Light up Medium. Light up the world

Not just the candles. Light up the spark of ACTION.

Words will not do. Promises will not do. A politically correct debate will not do. Pages and pages written artfully on an awakened conscience will not do.

What clashes with our actions will not do. No amount of affirmative pledges can fulfil the mistrust the slightest incompatibility of our actions create.

I am surrounded in person by people who will speak solely in dedication of an admirable image they want to portray of themselves for the world to praise (for instance by supporting a social campaign on facebook). Yet they know minds and stereotype have not changed and hence when it comes to choice, they will choose keeping in mind the subconscious rigid ideas the roots of which are set deep and strong in existing generations, perpetuating the chain we are trying to break.

For example: staying quiet when a biased comment is made among friends (of course as a joke, but do you really want to jeopardize your professional relationship with these people? Of course not! You will need references next year while applying for jobs. So better just stay quiet and watch the show and ruin this world for our kids.) Just two days back I politely stopped a girl mid-sentence and told her we shouldn’t bring the body of the girl into discussion as it most probably would be offensive. They all stared at me with indignation, creating an uncomfortable silence, then carried on with their discussion. I’m not invited to speak openly to them anyway because of similar instances I have caused several times before. We even have gotten into healthy debates which have lead to infuriating arguments because they speak louder when they run out of logic.

That brings us to the main problem: Everyone is an angel on facebook. The social isolation one has to face if they speak up in frank discussions is the major barrier towards actually speaking up. Because no one wants to end up being gossiped about, or being a laughing stock.

We need to start looking past our personal benefits to start a spark significant enough to encourage more and more people to stand for the truth. This will turn the tables. At home, among friends, at workplace, in the street, at the mall. I hope these candles are able to make minds malleable just as they can make wax.

So this was my outrage for today. This is not meant to target or offend anyone on Medium. (Just a bad, bad week and some bitter truths about how it goes about around me, bringing out the pessimist in me)

I am tired, absolutely tired of listening to a kind of words but watching actions contradictory to their statements. And I’m mindblown by the size of their social circles and the power they have even with the filth all over them that they misuse to impress and supress different groups of people, instead of utilizing it to advocate for constructive purposes.

P.S (some detail to clarify example): The context of the example given above is basically the common concept of “choosing your dress while you watch your size”. In other words, your weight decides what you should or should not wear. Or get ready to be critisized. An idea I hate with a passion.