Like chai tea

Listen, my brand new friend
You are an incredibly sweet blend
Of strong presence
Spontaneous decisions
And feedom, your essence.

Your smile sets lightly,
Strategically, to lift
Any pressures 
off our shoulders.

It generously causes
Dimples subtly sinking in
To the brown of your skin
Lighting up and decorating it.

Brows lying delicately,
Seductively, over
Bold, dark eyes beneath 
a bright forehead.

The pair dances
With music to the drama
Of our temporary days
And our mostly silly ways

That we don’t regret!
Listen, my lovely, lively brunette,
With a flair like yours no need to fret
Over layers that peel over time and reveal


If the world is fooling itself
Don’t join them into hell,
Sheep after sheep.
They suffer in their own shells:

Polishing and polishing
Their cars, marbles and skins
For two seconds of 'respect'!
In the end what do they get?

How many of them like the many of them?
Does any of them even like any of them?
But why not! They’re "pretty" and "perfect" you say.
Yet character spoils their whole portrait.

So don’t spew hatred all over the mirror
And bring their trivial tongues
To mocking life like that. You’ll shatter.
Their two-second ill-attention don’t matter.

In the end, no one is judging by the looks.
In the end it comes down how you took
Care of them when they needed you
And that’s what shines on your face, my friend.

In the end we’re spending time with those
Who make us feel secure and close
To the warmth of emotional attachment.
In all this, any idea where skins went?

Me neither! We’re laughing now
At our utterly stupid jokes
And talking boys and at being broke,
Still eating expensive food with money we’ve borrowed

From the warm ones we know
Not from the pretty that shows.
When we thought of love our minds
Weighed characters, then chose.

(To borrow the money of course!)

Like chai tea
My friend
You are a perfect blend
Of calm, color and inner strength.

For my friend Sana. ❤