The news is coming

The world is brutal
The news is coming
Those who speak
Their voices they're hushing

In their mouth they're stuffing
Massive threats
Humiliation, insults
Judgements, regrets

Those who speak
Will not survive
If they go on like this
Raising their voice high

Matters are best unspoken of
Matters are best unheard
Because if the masses are quiet
There is no problem in the first.

If you speak they will torture
If you speak they will rise
If you speak you're the tyrant (I don't know how they do this one)
If you speak, you won't survive!

But there are the rest
Relying on your word
The writer must not quiet down
You have readers around the world

You have those who can reflect
Those who will shed tears
On their keyboards as they scroll
A global village is drawn near

With every word you type
How satisfying is that impact
And what a release of emotion
That is spilled now, that was once packed

For a second think selfishly
Think about how the release
Of thoughts in strings of unruly words
That come out strong make you feel?

How can you talk of freedom of speech
When you're stealing it from yourself
How can you hand the mic to those
Who don't know how it felt

To be you.
So snatch your right from them
Those tyrants
Of men.

The world is brutal
The news is coming
Writers are erasing
Their voices are hushing

But not another one shall go Earl of Nutella Sandwich .