I’ve been irresponsible for skipping classes.
I feel Defeated and Broken
Michael Adewunmi

You know what?

I was thinking about this just yesterday.

Just yesterday.

Because you know


I skipped a fucking couple months of college this year as well.

That’s 8 weeks right there.

But unlike you, I have not been strong enough to attend college regularly the rest of the year. My attendance in every ward has been so fucking low that my peers started to sneer at me every time I did make an appearance, so annoyed they were by my absence. They pushed me around in ward passive aggressively and refused to help me with things.

My teachers all spat at me with the same word

“irresponsible” (with a disgusted face)

It’s so easy to say that. It’s easier than asking “are you okay?”

Like you, I had collapsed. I wanted to curl up in a corner, books my refuge and writing my strength, I even got interested in political science, but couldn’t find the time or energy (or money) to get around to reading.

But THANK YOU our pushy, mocking senseless, illogical education system built on fading visions of oldschool, rigid, stubborn, narrowminded, grey-haired men, I’ll always owe it to you for fucking up my learning of the final subjects for the degree. (Breaks are not allowed in my course, and taking a year off is recorded as ‘fail’ for that year)

If they are labelling you irresponsible, you don’t have to mould your perspective in just that. In a thoughtless, computer generated, stereotypical judgement passed to you by those who call themselves “educators” who have most probably not even met you.

“Michael who? Well, whoever, let’s click ‘send’. Now, lunchtime.”

Why thank you for such great advocacy of reasons of cutting classes, educators. Your lectures are boring and slideshows make me sleep anyway. Give me some action, professor!

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