The Long Summer Night

The day was scorching,

The night was long,

The friends unsure,

Of what would come along.

The friends were bored,

And in one accord,

“Let’s drive around,

And see what can be found.”

They drove for hours,

No fun in sight,

Then they spotted something

Late in the night.

“What’s that there?”

They approached with care.

A man in the street,

No shoes on his feet.

One gave him

A kick,

He lay there

Like a brick.

They kicked him again,

They started to grin.

Suddenly he moved his hand,

That was more than they planned.

The man jumped to his feet,

And pulled out a knife,

They screamed and yelled,

And ran for their life.

They hopped in the car,

And sped away fast.

After some time,

The terror had passed.

They started to laugh,

And say it was fun.

At that point they knew,

Summer had begun.

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