The Play

The characters who play the roles, 
 in the story of my life. 
 A life filled with love, 
 happiness, envy, and strife. 
 The actors’ performances are flawless, 
 They have performed them quite well. 
 What will this play bring forth tomorrow, 
 no one can tell. 
 Who’s the author and the caster, 
 of this excellent play. 
 Who is the one that picked each character, 
 to Him I have something to say. 
 Thank you for creating each role, 
 and character for their part. 
 Each one is special, 
 and so close to my heart. 
 They play their parts perfectly, 
 right down to the tee. 
 They all play their parts to perfection, 
 all except me.

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