5 Reasons Your Gems and jewellery Business Needs a Digital Shakha

With the ongoing Digital India movement, Gems and Jewellery industry is hopeful for a dazzling future. Not many people realize that this is perhaps the best of time to take a leap in the over-crowded and increasingly competitive Jewellery market.

1. Going online is the best way to meet and fulfil customer target throughout the year

Jewellery purchase now is not limited simply to weddings and festivals but it stretches throughout the year. Buyers too are now broadening their reach. Instead of buying from the local traders, people now actively research online options.

When the customers can buy their favourite traditional South Indian Temple jewellery online, they wouldn’t invest in taking a special trip to South India for the purpose. With everything and almost everyone now going online, the reach of your business can be dramatically increased with a business website aka ‘Digital Shakha’ with Jewelxy.

2. Keep an update with the latest trends on Jewellery market and offer the same

The market is now flooded with latest trends. Newer designs are making their way across every day. It is only obvious that most customers would be looking for the latest designs while making a purchase.

On Jewelxy, you can see the products enlisted by other traders and understand the trends and current market needs. You can also showcase your new products for everyone to see and order. This comes really handy for retailers who can always see and buy fresh jewellery stock from wholesalers nationwide.

3. Broaden your reach and find raw materials in bulk at wholesale

You may not always have the right resources to reach out to a number of people. The reach of your store and network maybe geographically limited. But with the digital advantage on your side, it gets a whole lot easier.

On Jewelxy, you can not only discover but connect with suppliers and find what you need. Jewelxy has a B2B, business to business, B2C, business to customer and O2O, online to offline advantage.

See the products and services online from verified retailers, and then make a payment offline for the same. It is a great tool for sourcing and networking.

4. Connect with the right trader or skill provider

It is often challenging for manufacturers to match current trends and offer the latest. Most Jewellery houses now have an in-house Jewellery designer or hire a freelancer. Now, you don’t need to look elsewhere. You can easily find a Jewellery designer online on Jewelxy with a simple search. With all the hard work that goes in to the jewellery making business, it would only pay back once you have the products that appeal to your target customers

5. A Digital Shakha puts your business on a global map

Unlike conventional means and methods of business, Gems and Jewellery industry now has a global audience. An increasing population is going digital and so are businesses. It is crucial that you don’t get left behind in taking the advantages digitalisation has to offer.

Jewelxy.com is India’s first Gems and Jewellery industry specific online marketplace which facilitates two-way search that empowers your business to pursue desired results. Introduce your Business on the Global Marketplace and reap the benefits of your Digital Shakha.

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