Suddenly I See: 4 Signs You’re In Love With Your “Online Friend”

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Sweaty palms, fluttering heart, dilated pupils, flushed cheeks, and a mind that’s experiencing a state that is nothing short of euphoria — yes, those sappy songs are right; love does make us crazy.

With the advent of Internet, more and more people have turned towards online dating. Although the above (probably, overdramatic) physical signs might not be visible when meeting someone on the Internet, the potential for the virtual relationship turning into something meaningful is huge.

So, how do you know that your cyber love means something — that your e-connection is real? Here are 4 signs:

You Are Both Anxious to Share Tiny Details of Your Lives

You might share a passion for Western classic music or Woody Allen movies, but it’s the little things in life that matter more.

If you are anxious to share a funny story that happened on your way up on your office elevator or how your friend made an interesting revelation about you, you might have found the right partner. Sharing an amusement of these tiny, insignificant and minute details of each others’ lives is a sign that the virtual relationship is headed towards the right direction.

You Can’t Spend a Single Day without Talking

Although separated by physical barriers, you cannot seem to get through a single day without speaking with your virtual partner.

If you do not hear from them, a pang of anxiety runs through your body. You miss them so much that you can’t concentrate on what you are doing.

You Are Both Excited to Meet

If your online dating has been going on for a while, the topic of meeting in person must have come up.

The thought of that picture from Facebook turning into human flesh and blood sitting right across the table can be intimidating. However, if you are both excited about the prospect, love is in the air.

You Lose Sense of the Fact That You Met On a Digital Platform

In the beginning, you might harbor doubts about the person. However, as time goes by, your partner fits so seamlessly into your life that having ‘met online’ takes the backseat.

You could easily have met at a club or at a friend’s marriage. It feels as if you are the final two pieces completing a jigsaw puzzle.

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