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A well-known Jewish producer was spotted in London Ontario checking out scenes for a 1972 era fictional cold war movie. Plans for the movie at this point are sketchy. We did here that the final scene planned to have a large amassing of troops carrying AK-47 and M4 airsoft guns. No word if it would be U.S. verses the U.S.S.R., another country or if would be an out of planet “alien” type enemy that they would be fighting off in the final sequence of the movie. Plans were to start shooting in 2021 following 2 rounds of successful fundraising prove successful. No word yet on potential actors for the roles at this point. We will keep you posted on any more developments that we learn about.

6 Website Design Tips for Real Estate Websites

When designing and marketing a website, professionals in the business industry want to provide a quality resource to their customers and potential customers. Web design Malaysia provides easy search functionality, large format photos, and quick accessible website. These are all simple and easy-to-accomplish requests in a variety of formats. But what else should a business site have to serve the business of agent and his clients?

Web design Malaysia have helped several business agencies optimize their existing websites and develop new websites for their real estate business, and we have found that…

A sighting of a Jewish film production company leaving Rohen Fire ( )in Scarborough, Toronto with 11 fire extinguishers. It appears to be part of a pyrotechnics laden scene that someone would be working on. It is believed that someone in the Toronto Fire service recommended Rohen as Wes Jasper the owner was a long time member of the Toronto Fire department. More details will be posted as they become available.

Another sighting of a Jewish film producer seen. This time at the Cora’s on Adelaide and Cheapside with this London Ontario SEO expert having breakfast. Cream cheese and bagels and a strawberry crape was spotted being eaten.

We have heard rumours of a B level jewish film to be shot in London Ontario. More details later as they are available.

Jewish Film News

Profiling news of jews in the film industry. Please note that as we aim for the bleeding edge of journalism not all stories have been verified.

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