Jews of Color Project

How does race and ethnicity shape an individual’s identity? What if we can’t classify people into familiar categories? Will we perhaps be forced to reconsider existing definitions of race, identity, and our presumptions about who we are and who they are?

#jewsofcolorproject is an art project and forum intended to bypass the politics of the race debate and let people observe race directly in the images of human beings. It consists of a group of simple, straightforward photos of people who are:

1 — Jewish, and look it.

2 — Not Jewish, but look it.

3 — Jewish, but don’t look it.

None of the portraits ever have a caption with it or any other written indication of the ethnicity or religion of the person depicted and some of these portraits fit the “Stereotypes” looks and some of the portraits Do NOT.

#jewsofcolorproject goal is to create a space where race is openly admitted, and members of that race are presented for observation. The portraits are straightforward and the subjects relaxed.

We value dialogue and relationship building between and among people coming from any ethnicity and background.

The purpose of this series is not to answer a question but to bring up questions.

Some examples of this are:
What is the force behind our “stereotype” perception?
What makes us think a person doesn’t fit the stereotypes?
What is the purpose of labeling ourselves and having labels placed upon us?What is my purpose in the labels I choose in different moments?
Do I need a DNA test?

We hopes to open a discussion on what we actually see in these photographs, how we categorize them in our head without knowing who they truly are, and why?