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Journal on “Shitty First Drafts”

After reading “shitty First Drafts” Anne Lamott from Bird by Bird, I thought about my writing habits again. Whenever I write, I have a habit of getting frustrated with the draft if the first sentence is not properly written, thinking about how to solve it, and eventually starting to write down what I don’t like, even though I don’t like it. Also, once I have started, I can’t leave my writing position because I want to finish it quickly. However, in this essay, Anne Lamott read and thought again that taking a break and spending time between the moments of writing was one of the better stages of drafting.a mind that can be modified over and over again I was convinced that I could have written a lot better if I didn’t feel the pressure when I was writing. I didn’t think of it until I read the essay that I could fix it gradually if I didn’t like it. The writer also told me her story that the more she went through much trial and error, the better he could reach. When I start writing, I think I can have a much better result if I get to understand the topics and points I want to talk about and throw away the pressure that I don’t have to finish them all at once. Keep in mind that rest is important in writing, so if I write with ease, I can reach the desired result.