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In 2020, software development is one of the major industries which provides millions of jobs. And also this is one of the industry where there are various types of employment such as:

In fact, if you look at the statistics, this industry is poised to grow even further. According to , it’s expected to reach 45 million developers by 2030.

One of the main problems for this industry is having the workforce motivated enough to do extraordinary work and amazing work. The reason I say this is those software developers when they put their heart and soul into the work…

Dear Inner Circle Friends,

I know how you have been listening to me on productivity hacks and on improving your work-life balance. Today I have something to confess. I recently fell into a bad habit of wasting time and money. The habit formed when I started listening to business news and started reading articles related to stock markets. Then I fell into the trap of checking these websites very often and wasting time reading articles too many times a day.

I clocked my time wasted to be around 2 hours per day which was not I wanted exactly. I wanted to put a stop to this shitty behavior and get my time back. What did I do?

The solution that I came up with is what I have written below.

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Success is an outcome of fearless hardwork. Is there even a lingering small doubt in that? Merchants of Doubt series tries to clear misconceptions in people’s minds about success and what it requires to achieve them.

I am going to talk about time wasters in various forms here in this article. Time wasters are things, people, or even can be an event like a phone call. But how do you handle them?

When I started writing a book, I wanted time — lots of time to think and create what comprises a beautiful book — story, people, characters, elements of love, romance — — the whole basket. But I knew I had taken up a work that would be impossible to solve in the next few months. I wanted to create and deliver these items one by one for myself. So I analysed where my time is being spent and I came up with a list of top 5 time wasting rituals that I followed that hurt my time management a lot.

The other day when I was dabbling with the huge codebase, I was wondering where a particular method was being declared for a specific method. I wanted to know this because my greps didn’t turn out to volatile and didn’t return any results

The Ruby interpreter has certain methods that can be used for identifying under which module or class, the particular method is being defined. See the example below.

So using the .source_location you will be able to figure which file it has been declared.

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Have you ever worked on building a Rails Engine and wanted to keep the models, the migrations and everything inside the engine rather than using a generator to copy paste them into your host Rails App? That’s a problem everybody faces one time or the other when building Rails Engines to abstract out your huge Rails App. I have found one such solutions that can be helpful for you to keep them separate. Here is a solution for it.

Instead of using

rails g my_engine:install

to copy paste the migrations from engine to your rails app, you want to just…

This is an personal opinion essay from Jey Geethan about chatbots and its future.
Chatbots are programmatically independent software engines which mimic the way that consumers talk to a person and answer them in a appropriate ways — This could be the simplest way in which you can describe them. Also, you can imagine them to be a situation where instead of you talking to a real person over chat, social media, phone or email, you are instead talking to a computer agent who replies on the human’s behalf.


Chatbots are almost everywhere now. Every banking website that you see…

There are umpteen number of articles about marketing and how to do it better. I am going to take a shot at quickly defining what marketing can do to your business and how it will help you increase your sales and thereby revenue.

These are short articles which are easier for the readers to read/consume. These articles will give you a short burst of information in a smaller timeframe. This is not a way to move away from long content, those are available in this website and you can subscribe to my email newsletter to receive more.

What is marketing…

Have you ever wondered what does “ — save” does in the npm install command?

It adds a line into the dependencies.json file of the current project with package name which you are trying to install and saves you a few manual labor of writing it yourself.

Try it out yourself.

$ npm install sequelize --save

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Have you ever created your own cloud server and changed your ssh port from the default 22 to something else? And have you ever tried to use ssh-copy-id to copy your local ssh public key to the remote and it doesn’t work?

The answer is simple. There are no parameters that you can provide for ssh-copy-id command. Instead do the following:

ssh-copy-id -i “ -p 12345”

That’s it. It should work without a problem.

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If you have ever wondered and wanted to use the hand tool in Inkscape, you can do so by the following techniques : 1. You middle click and drag your mouse for panning the document.

2. Or go to, File->Inkscape Preferences->Scrolling. Then check on the “Left click pans when space is pressed”. Presto! Now you can use the spacebar to pan the document, as you would normally do!

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Jey Geethan

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