Please ICO Review: Bringing Decentralization to the Masses Through Travel


Please is a trying to turn the supplier centric travel industry into a shared economy with decentralised approach. Travel industry has been one of the most traditional sectors around the world. Transforming this sector into a customer oriented and decentralised way will be revolutionary. Please will try to do this. This way, all parties involved in travel sector including travellers and service providers can directly interact with each other for better travel experience.


The problem with current travel industry is the supplier centric approach. When a travel wants to plan a trip, all booking processes are completed via travel agents or major online travel websites. However, both travel agents and online travel websites only offer limited hotel and restaurant options to travels.

When a traveller wants to experience something local, it is generally hard to explore these local things while planning a trip. Also, one of the other problems in travel industry is limited scope of shared economy. In other sectors, shared economy is one of the most popular application.

Another problem of the current travel industry is poor price vs. quality performance. Since travel industry lacks transparency, there can be problems about how quality is represented on current platforms.

Also, current travel companies and platforms often follow a one-fits-all type standard travel options. But everyone has different needs and expectation. These options lack personalised component for travel needs.

Who Are Competitors?

When it comes to competitors, the main competitor of Please will be Airbnb. Airbnb operates based on shared economy principles where locals provide accommodation to travels by sharing their houses. With current business model of Airbnb, the company is planning to expand to other areas like restaurants and local experiences. However, compared to Please, Airbnb lacks decentralised approach, wide range of services other than accommodation, incentives, and power of community.

In addition Airbnb, other competitors may be online travel websites. But these websites often follow a traditional travel industry approach. Travellers want to see something different than just booking hotels and making reservations at restaurants.

Please platform is planning to offer what Airbnb and others offer as well as many other new application in travel industry.

Decentralised Travel Industry

Solution to all these problems and gaps in the travel industry will be the hybrid platform of Please. Hybrid platform means combination of decentralised and centralised platforms in one single platform. And this platform is Please.

Please platform will turn travel industry into a shared economy by enabling locals to offer services to travellers. For example, a local will offer or list a salsa night for travellers that cannot be found on any other travel platforms.

Also, a chatbot integration will turn travel planning into a fun and easy process. Under current conditions, an average traveller visits 38 different websites and spend 30 hours to plan a single trip. This is time consuming and not practical. With voice options in Please, travellers can easily ask for what they are looking for.

Other advantages of the platform will ve token based incentives as well as no booking fee with smart contracts. When a traveller books an activity, accommodation, or any thing else on Please platform, that traveller will be incentives by platform tokens.

xApp Platform

Not every traveller knows about decentralised world of blockchain or cryptocurrencies. And these traveller form an important part of the target segment. So, to capture these traveller, centralised xApp is launched with Please platform. This way, decentralised tokens will turn into points that can easily be understood by blockchain newbie. Marketplace marketplace will offer traveller what they need to plan a complete trip from beginning to end. This marketplace will have hotels, restaurants, local places, tours, activities and many more. Also, service provider or in Please’s case everyone, can earn money by sharing their home, food, or any hobby with travellers. The purpose of this marketplace is to turn travel industry into a shared economy that directly links different parties in the industry. With strong collaborations in the travel sector, Please platform will offer a wide range of solutions. Chatbot

Another strong point of Please platform will be the revolutionary voice future. A chatbot called will enable travels to search anything with voice commands. This will make the whole searching process easier. With this chatbot, travels can find their next drip destination. Also, as this chatbot develops over time, travels will be able to directly book with their voice commands. will change the booking and reservation system and provide an easy process.

Network Architecture

Please blockchain will be built on Ethereum blockchain. Platform will operate with smart contracts. These smart contracts on decentralised side and DB on centralised side will hold and store the information about service and whether these services are available. This way, hybrid platform will combine both decentralised and centralised aspects.

PLS Token

Tokens of Please platform will be PLS. These tokens will be used for rewarding and incentivising travellers and service providers. Also, on centralised side, these tokens will be converted into points for those who have no idea about what cryptocurrency is. These conversion will automatically be applied by the platform based on the exchange rate on the market.

Other than purchasing PLS tokens, these tokens can be earned in various forms. For example, a traveller can earn PLS tokens or PLS points by booking a hotel on the platform. Other methods include contributing to open source app as a developer, promoting content about the platform on social media. Additionally, when you write reviews about hotels, restaurants, or other local services you can get tips from these reviews as PLS tokens. Another method will be EthicRank. This system will rank the users based on their ethical platform use and incentivise following the rules of the platform.


Please platform will turn traditional travel industry into a shared economy with a hybrid approach combining decentralised and centralised form. This way, both cryptocurrency enthusiastic travellers and service providers and those who have no idea about cryptocurrencies can benefit from xApp platform of Please to experience personalised, local, and customer centric travel.

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