Age of Distraction — lets stop!

There is a constant battle with our mind to de-focus us and distract us from the task at hand. Our senses are getting barraged from all possible angles and our responses are getting dampened for sure. In this age of facebook notification, blinking pings, and new mail alerts we are getting pulled into different angles. Our mind is actually getting more and more over worked however achieving lesser and lesser.

The science behind this behavior is very simple : Dopamine

Dopamine is the ‘feel good’ hormone. It also makes you curious about ideas and fuels your searching for information. It increases your general level of arousal and your goal-directed behavior. Every time you complete a task you get a dopamine shot in your brain. So every notification, sets you on a threadmill to engage in tasks irrespective of it being meaningful or a waste & on completion of the task you get a small high, thanks to dopamine.

Right from the time you wake up you are constantly working your way through pings, mails, notifications and alerts. It is disheartening to see that constant distraction is now being accepted and even glorified.

It is very well understood in that you cannot be productive unless you retain your ability the focus at the task at hand. In our organizations there is always a premium for productivity. Still it is ironically that we as organizations and individuals are building newer innovative ways to interrupt each other and distract each other.

I think the time is ripe for organizations to incorporate a policy of no distraction

however will be asked to focus at the task that will ensure you start your day on a high. It might sound utopian however it is a much needed panacea to refocus.

It has been my personal endeavor since the start of this year to enjoy one hour of no distraction in the morning. Where I don’t respond to pings, calls, FB, nor mails but immerse at the task hand. I am assured that it has served me good.

Lets end this age of Distractions one hour at a time!
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