First and foremost, you only think I’m gaslighting because the accusation that you are operating…
Dylan Thompson

8.” Further, you seem to lack any understanding of humanity. You claim to have NEVER been intoxicated? I’m sorry, but you have clearly done very little living. It’s easy to approach life from a dogmatic view when you have no life experience.”

How does my never being intoxicated equate with a lack of understanding or having little humanity, having done very little living or proof that I approach life from a dogmatic view? If you have lived a life ripe with infinite experiences then you would understand that there are endless nuances between both those factors. And, if you want to know why I have never been intoxicated I don’t like the taste. I get no enjoyable flavor from it that so many claim to taste. All I get is that nasty rubbing alcohol taste and effect. I see this as a positive since one cannot predict the possibility of addiction.

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