I just looked it up.
David Anglada

Mr. Anglada you are forgetting the matter of consent. Persistence is not okay if there is no consent in the end. If I persist in asking if you want to eat a twinkie, you continually say no, and then I try to force it down your throat then it becomes assault.

You continually fail to ask yourself the right questions, Mr. Anglada. What proof do you have that most love stories are the result of persistance? You seem to view romantic relationships as if they are predator versus prey, but this is not what creates a relationship. Even if I were to concede that this was the case some point in the past, today is a different story. Humanity has morally and ethically improved immensely compared to past history. And, we now understand that consent is paramount to any situation involving two or more parties, regardless of what type of situation is at hand. For anyone to try to force there want upon another without consent of the other party(ies) is wrong morally and ethically.

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