This may not be a popular response, but I cannot believe that in the year 2017 any woman is taking…
Beverly Palmacci

Until you’ve lived through this kind of abuse and disregard for your cries for help, you can’t understand what extended time in this kind of toxic environment does to a person. In this case in particular, Amy’s requests for support — from HR and her managers — fell on deaf ears. In fact, she was treated even worse after reporting these events. No wonder she felt she had no agency. That’s why women are afraid to report harassment — they are made to believe they are alone in this, and this fear and isolation stops them from looking elsewhere for help. Also, at this point, when millions of women worldwide have reported the same exact toxic workplace behaviors and the same exact disregard for their safety, wouldn’t you agree it’s probably a problem bigger than one woman can take on by herself? That outside enforcement and support is required to make sure these crimes don’t happen again? If you can’t ‘imagine’ or have ‘never experienced such overt sexism’ as you mention in your comment, you have either never worked in your life, or have super-abilities of denial.

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