Before that moment, I made sure of myself that everything would be okay. I got my support system and he thought the same way. I arranged my future on my mind and it was wonderful. I put on my mind that we could get better together, he could improve me…

Tuhan itu memang adil.

Ketika aku berusaha untuk merangkai sebuah cerita yang berujung bahagia, Ia mengingatkanku untuk tenang dan tidak gegabah.

Ketika semua sudah terasa bahagia dan sempurna, diberikannya sebuah ujian agar aku lebih menghargai kesempurnaan itu.

Ketika kesempurnaan yang kukejar itu ternyata adalah sebuah kesalahan, Ia ingatkan aku untuk…

A little story of how I manage my money. (In Bahasa Indonesia)

Seperti pada storyku pada awal-awal menulis di medium*, aku terbilang cukup muda untuk lulus dari pendidikan S1 dan lanjut untuk bekerja. Dari pekerjaanku, aku mendapat cukup uang yang masuk ke dalam rekeningku. Posisiku sekarang adalah karyawan yang bujangan dan tidak memiliki tanggungan apapun, karena orangtuaku masih bekerja dan biaya hidup…

Or just some of it.

A couple days ago, I told my friend that I’ve made a list consists of destination that I wanted to go next. These destinations placed on Indonesia and every continents in the world. I asked myself, did you really write and mean it? Then my brain said:

“Money will come…

Here I am.

Sitting on my bed, beside my sister who already enjoying her dream, and accompanied by a sleeping lamp and cold aircon.

I can’t sleep.

A song by Harry Styles’ fulling my room, played repeatedly, and fits with my blanket who warms me even the aircon still can…

In case you wonder what exactly women live for.

In my country, we celebrate an important day at every 21st of April. Kartini’s day, that’s what we call, is the day that should be reminding us how woman empowered by Indonesia’s national hero, Raden Ajeng Kartini. When I was on school, students sometimes had to use traditional costumes. The…

/Written In bahasa

Pernah dengar kalimat “You can’t please everyone” atau “Kamu tidak bisa membahagiakan semua orang”?

Pasti sering. Apalagi ketika kita sedang lelah berusaha dan kadang kalimat ini muncul untuk sedikit “menenangkan”. Kadang, diri ini perlu untuk lebih concern terhadap hidup kita sendiri di atas kehidupan orang lain. …

2/366 days of 2020.

Location : Bekasi, Indonesia

Do you ever wish your first day in a new year will end up like picture above?

Neither do I.

For some people, new year eve should be celebrated with something fun. Either you throw some parties, hangout with your family, do…

Actually this is not the only platform i have for writing about everything inside my mind. I’ve already have a blogspot, but it mostly fulled by poems and melancholic thoughts. Yeah, here i am.

I may write something that seems so happy, terrifying, or perhaps my opinion about unimportant things and maaany thoughts that sometimes can come and go *poof* just like that.

And we can discuss it later. Only if you want.

Soo, let’s do this!

Jezibel Alfiya

This author's developing herself when the writing's made. Will talk about everything in Bahasa Indonesia and/or English :)

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